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Hardware Overview: Perkins Brailler

Picture of Perkins Brailler
The Perkins Brailler is a simple machine used to write Braille. It is similar to a typewriter, with a key corresponding to each of the six dots of the Braille code. By simultaneously pressing different combinations of the six keys, users can create any of the characters in Braille.

In addition to these six keys, the Perkins Brailler has a space key, a backspace key, and a line space key. The ATAC owns an electric model, which requires less striking force with the fingers than a manual. This makes it possible to type for longer periods with less fatigue.


Assistive Materials

The staff at the ATAC has developed an overview of Braille, that includes the history of Braille development and links to other resources for learning and teaching Braille.

If you have any questions about our Brailling services, please Contact Us. We are happy to assist you.

Company Information

The Howe Press of the The Perkins School for the Blind makes the Perkins Brailler. The Perkins School is located in Watertown, Massachusetts. Its Web site contains information about the school, Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, and the Howe Press and its Brailling products.

Available for free download are the school's newsletter The Lantern and other publications, samples of the Perkins early literacy program, and videos. There is a resource directory of Massachusetts agencies and organizations serving individuals who are blind or visually impaired, and links to other schools for the blind and related organizations in the United States.