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Hardware Overview: Type Lite Notetaker

Picture of Braille Lite
The Type Lite is a portable 40-cell refreshable Braille notetaker useful for taking notes in lectures, in meetings, or at home. It features a full word processor with spell checker, and an internal speech synthesizer with fully adjustable rate, pitch, volume, and selectable voices. It can be connected to a computer running the JAWS for Windows screen reader, making for a completely accessible workstation. The user can view documents on the Braille display in Grade 2 Braille or connect the device to a printer or Braille embosser to print a hard copy.

The Braille display controls provide smooth and easy navigation throughout documents, and cursor routing keys make for instant editing. The Type Lite has a QWERTY keyboard with a 56K modem and POP3 e-mail capability. Battery life between charges is approximately thirty hours. Other features include a talking and Braille clock, appointment calendar, alarm, stopwatch, phonebook, scientific calculator, and advanced file management capabilities.


Company Information

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures, and markets technology-based products and services for people with vision impairments and learning disabilities. It was formed by combining three companies: Blazie Engineering, Henter-Joyce, and Arkenstone. Two of the company's nine-person board of directors are blind users of the company's products, and forty-five of the company's employees are vision impaired