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Hardware Overview: Aladdin Magnifier

Picture of Aladdin Magnifier with black text on a white bacground
The Aladdin is a black-and-white video magnifier that presents enlarged text on a 14" black-and-white TV monitor. The user can choose from a wide range of magnifications-from 4.5X to 25X. Text is placed on a sliding platform that can be easily moved under the camera. The Aladdin is one of several different models of CCTVs at the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers.


Picture of Aladdin Magnifier with white text on a black bacground
The Aladdin displays printed materials in high-contrast black text on a white background or white text on a black background. The white text on black or negative image is ideal for glare reduction. This system features an easy-to-use picture control selector, an extremely large depth of field for viewing three-dimensional objects, and a smooth, non-glare reading table which permits reading heavy books.


Company Information:

The Aladdin Classic is manufactured by Telesensory Corporation, which makes electronic and computer-based products for assisting people with low vision. The company was begun more than thirty years ago when a Stanford University engineering professor created a portable electronic print-reading device for his vision impaired daughter.