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Hardware Overview: MagniSight CCTV

Closeup of Magnisight Front Panel
This video magnifier features a large viewing table, customized settings, auto focus capabilities, freeze image control, and reversal mode for high contrast viewing. A brightness control helps eliminates glare, a tension control assists with vertical motion, and margin stops help with horizontal movement. The MagniSight is one of several different models of CCTVs at the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers.


Picture of Woman using the MagniSight

Company Information:

MagniSight, Inc. makes products for people with low vision. Its founder and president, Brian M. Smith, has been visually impaired since age nine with Stargardt's Disease, a form of macular degeneration. The company's Web site contains several resources including a tip sheet on how to use a video magnifier, FAQs about low vision, and Web links to national low vision organizations.