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Hardware Overview: MaxPort CCTV

Picture of woman using the MaxPort CCTV
MaxPort is an electronic/video magnifier that helps the partially sighted read. The battery operated system is composed of a hand magnifier attached to a pair of electronic glasses. It can be taken anywhere because there is no need for a TV set-the display is built into the glasses. The user can read labels at the supermarket, a map in your car, or a book on an airplane. The MaxPort is one of several different models of CCTVs at the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers.


Picture of woman's hand using the MaxPort reader on top of an open book
The user places the magnifier on the surface to be read, which can be curved or straight-written text, a can of food, a medicine bottle, etc. The image is magnified and viewed on the glasses. Contrast, magnification, and brightness of the image can be adjusted to suit the user by easily accessible controls. The system also comes with a tracking tool that helps guide the user's reading straight across a page. The glasses offer crisp images without reflection or glare. The battery powers the device for three hours of continuous reading.


Company Information:

Enhanced Vision Systems develops products for people with low vision including macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitus pigementosa and diabetic retinopathy. The company is located in Orange County, California. Their Web site contains FAQs on low vision and links to low vision organzations.