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Hardware Overview: Humanware myReader 600

Picture of woman using the myReader 600
The Humanware myReader 600 is a low vision auto-reader that captures documents as images and rewraps the text on the screen according to your preference. You can view text as a wrapped paragraph (column layout), as a continuous line (row layout) or one word at a time. The Humanware myReader 600 is one of several different models of CCTVs at the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers.


Closeup of myReader control panel
The unit is operated via a separate control panel with large, easy-to-use dials. There is no XY table-all navigation around the document is done using the control panel. Thus the user does not have to physically move the document, which reduces the mental and physical fatigue that people often experience when using a device fitted with an XY table. The myReader features a sharp, flicker-free and radiation-free LCD screen adjustable for height and tilt angle. It is useful for people with eye conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma.


Company Information:

The myReader 600 is manufactured by Humanware, a New Zealand company that makes products for people with blindness and low vision. Their Web site contains resources with information about low vision, and links to several dozen sites that are related to low vision and blindness.