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Hardware Overview: Kinesis Advantage Keyboard

Picture of the Kinesis Advantage Keyboard
The design of the Kinesis Advantage keyboard allows for a more natural placement of the user's arms and hands. Concave key wells reduce extension by accommodating the various lengths of fingers during typing. The keyboard is smaller than a traditional keyboard, which reduces the amount of reach necessary in operating the mouse.

Separate thumb pads redistribute the workload from relatively weaker and overused little fingers to stronger thumbs. Separate key wells for each hand minimize strain and stretching by positioning the arms approximately at shoulder width and with wrists straight.


Company Information

Kinesis manufactures ergonomic computer products such as laptop stands, office chairs, alternative mice devices including trackballs and foot switches, workstation accessories, palm supports for input devices and gel arm pads.

The company's Web site features press releases, ergonomic research studies, and an archive of the company's newsletter, ComputErgo Rx. The newsletter contains announcements for new products from Kinesis and from other companies in the field of computer ergonomics, productivity tips, user stories, and articles from ergonomic professionals on topics general interest.