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Hardware Overview: NEC Versa LitePad Tablet Computer

Closeup of hand writing on Versa LitePad
The NEC Versa LitePad Tablet is a lightweight laptop computer that electronically captures handwritten notes. The tablet supports handwriting recognition, allowing the user to write directly on the screen (with a non-ink digital pen) while the tablet translates the handwriting into keyboard-style text. The user can handwrite, sketch, enter data, and execute programs directly from the tablet screen. If desired, the LitePad can also be used with a keyboard and mouse, like a convention laptop computer.

The LitePad weighs a little more than two pounds and measures twelve inches long by one inch thick. It is a full-featured notebook with a 10.4 inch wide-angle display, 256MB of memory, and many innovative features. Its light weight makes it useful for those with a back injury or medical condition that prevents them from carrying a standard laptop. The unit's ability to translate handwriting into text can be helpful for those with cognitive or mobility-based conditions.


Company Information:

NEC is a 100-year-old company whose technologies and services include advanced semiconductors, high-speed optical communications, systems integration, enterprise-class hardware, and e-commerce software applications.