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Hardware Overview: Headmaster

Closeup of Woman Using the Headmaster
The Headmaster is a head pointing system that takes the place of a mouse. Head movements cause the mouse to move on the screen. For mouse selection (click, drag, etc.), a sip 'n puff switch can be attached to the headset. The user puffs on the tube to make selections. (Note: The sip 'n puff switch may cause problems for those with limited breath control.) Typing is replicated by an on-screen keyboard.


Picture of Woman seated, using the Headmaster while looking at a computer screen

Company Information:

Prentke Romich Company is an Ohio company that develops and manufactures "augmentative communication" devices for people with severe disabilities. Their Web site has resources with information about augmentative communication, including research papers, profiles of people with disabilities who use their products, and a list of upcoming events.