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Hardware Overview: Flatbed Scanners

Photograph of Flatbed Scanner in Use
Each workstation at the ATAC has its own flatbed scanner that clients can use to scan documents while using Kurzweil 3000 and other applications.

The Epson Perfection 1650 Photo is a high-resolution (1600-by-3200 dpi) scanner with 48 bit color depth that produced images of very high quality. Its high scanning rate (up to 650 kb/sec) makes for fast scanning.


Company Information

Epson is a global technology company involved in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics. The company develops and manufactures information-related equipment (computers and peripherals, printers, scanners and projectors), electronic devices (semiconductors, displays, and quartz devices), precision products (watches, plastic corrective lenses, and factory automation equipment) and other products.