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Hardware Overview: Tactile Image Enhancer

Photo of Thermal Printer Processing Tactile Graphic Page.
Designed to assist people with vision impairments, tactile graphics allow the user to feel maps, diagrams, etc. by touch. Images are printed on special paper and run through a thermal enhancer. This causes the paper to raise in the areas where the ink is located, thus creating a raised form of the image on the paper. A client can then run their fingers over the graphic(s) to feel the spatial representation of the image.


Student reading a Tactile Graphic Page with his hands.
Graphics to be created through this service can be sent to the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers during working hours or via email attachment (address the email to iuadapts, followed by Choose the appropriate method for sending them based on the number and size of the graphics. Graphics must also be sent in a minimum of 10 working days before they are needed.