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Assistive Technology for Hearing Impairments

The Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers serve students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, specializing in tools to assist with reading, writing, studying, and information access. Whether you have one or a combination of disabilities, we are here to help you. This page presents a list of the services available to assist with hearing impairments.

You can also learn more about other technologies we offer by visiting pages specific to vision, learning, or mobility impairments.

Video Captioning

Picture of Captioning

The ATAC's captioning service enables captions to be added to videos that will be used on Web sites. The captions represent the audio content of video presentations (spoken words and audio descriptions of other audible sounds in the video). The captioned information is displayed at the bottom of the presentation and is appropriately synchronized with the video.

Using the most current version of the captioning tool, MAGpie, the ATAC can create captions for videos and multimedia presentations in QuickTime, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player format. Please visit our videos page for examples of captioned presentations.


Remote Transcription

Remote Transcription makes it possible for a student who is deaf or hard of hearing to receive the spoken part of a class remotely using a laptop, a microphone system with transmit and receive capabilities and a service provider.

The instructor speaks into the lapel microphone which broadcasts the sound to a receive on the laptop. The spoken information is then transmitted to a stenographer at a remote site where the transcription takes place. As the transcription is being keystroked, it is sent back over the internet to the student's laptop where it appears as text on the screen of the student's laptop. The student does not have to have a transcriptionist or stenographer in the room, nor does he/she have to sit in any particular place in the classroom.