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Assistive Technology for Learning Disabilities

The Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers serve students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, specializing in tools to assist with reading, writing, studying, and information access. Whether you have one or a combination of disabilities, we are here to help you. This page presents a list of the technologies available to assist with learning disabilities. Click on any item for more details, including an overview, assistive materials, and company information.

You can also learn more about other technologies we offer by visiting pages specific to vision, hearing, or mobility disabilities.

Technology for Learning Disabilities: Software

Picture of Co:writer Software

Co:Writer 4000

Co:Writer 4000 is a type-and-speak writing assistant with intelligent word prediction, designed to help users write complete and correct sentences with very few keystrokes. It is usually used in combination with another application, such as a story-writing program or a word processor...


Picture of Inspiration Software


Inspiration assists users in organizing their thoughts and ideas through graphic representation for outlining and studying purposes...


Picture of Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is a program that enables conversion of print to electronic text which can be read to the user. The program also offers a variety of study skills tools to make learning easy...


Technology for Learning Disabilities: Hardware


Picture of Headsets


The ATAC provides a variety of headsets. Headphones provide privacy, which helps students concentrate on audio text, while the attached microphone allows for hands-free use of voice recognition software...


Picture of Woman using laptop

Laptop Computers

Qualifying students can check out laptops equipped with adaptive software from the ATAC throughout the school year. The ATAC uses the Dell Latitude D600 with the Windows XP Professional operating system...


NEC Versa LitePad Tablet Computer

NEC Versa LitePad Tablet

The NEC Versa LitePad Tablet computer is a lightweight laptop computer that electronically captures handwritten notes. The tablet supports handwriting recognition, allowing the user to write directly on the screen (with a non-ink digital pen) while the tablet translates the handwriting into keyboard-style text...


Picture of Scanner


Flat-bed scanners are available for student use in the ATAC. In addition the ATAC staff uses high speed scanners and optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert print materials in to electronic text which can be read by the computer...