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Software Overview: Kurzweil 1000

Picture of Kurzweil Equipment

Kurzweil 1000 is scanning/reading software that makes printed or electronic text accessible to blind and low vision people. The application turns text into synthesized speech and does much more.

Users can bookmark, make notes, skim or summarize text to aid mastery of concepts and details. They can modify reading speed, pitch, and emphasis to suit specific preferences and purposes. They can edit or create documents assisted by an audible dictionary, thesaurus or prioritized spell checker, and archive them using a simple file management dialog.

Kurzweil 1000 also retrieves information online with features that simplify locating electronic books and magazines, and even encyclopedia articles from the Web. In addition, it takes reading on the road by sharing electronic information with MP3 players, portable note taking devices, Braille printers and conventional e-mail applications.


Assistive Materials:

Kurzweil Educational Systems offers a massive, detailed tutorial for K1000.

To supplement this tutorial, the staff at the ATAC has developed a tutorial sections overview, that summarizes the information found in each section and includes links to the section Web pages.

We are also working on a shorter tutorial for K1000, but in the meantime, please Contact Us if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you.

Company Information:

Kurzweil 1000 is produced by Kurzweil Educational Systems.

Kurzweil's K1000 Page can help you discover more about Kurzweil 1000, request a trial CD, find a local reseller, or purchase online.

The K1000 Downloads Page also offers supportive materials, product documentation, and software patches/updates.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the most popular Kurzweil documentation below:

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