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Working with an .iso file

What is an .iso file?

An .iso file is an image file of a given set of information, whether it is from a hard drive or a CD. It is traditionally used with a CD burning application like Roxio EasyCD Creator or Ahead Nero to recreate the information and put it onto a CD-ROM.

How do I use the .iso file?

The first thing you must have on your computer is a CD Burning application like Roxio EasyCD Creator or Ahead Nero. If you don't have a CD burning application, you will need to download or purchase one in order to use the .iso file. Once you have the CD burning software on your computer, go to the link below. It will take you to another site (which open in a new browser window) that has information on creating CD's from an .iso file.

How to write .iso files to cd.