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ZoomText Overview

ZoomText is a Screen Magnifier

How to Start ZoomText

To open ZoomText, click on ZoomText icon on your desktop.

Opening Files with ZoomText

Exiting ZoomText

Enabling and Disabling ZoomText

Using ZoomText

Minimizing and Restoring ZoomText

ZoomText Magnifier Power

ZoomText Magnifier Shortcuts

Type of ZoomText Windows

Selecting ZoomText Windows

ZoomText Freeze Feature

ZoomText Freeze Window

Move the mouse point to scroll the location freeze area into view Drag to select the freeze area

The freeze window appears with sizing on the screen

To size the window, drag any handle pull in or pull out

To remove freeze window Press CTRL + SHIFT + F

ZoomText Exercise 1

ZoomText Color Enhancements

ZoomText Custom Color Setting

ZoomText Pointer Enhancements

ZoomText Exercise 2

Screen Reading with ZoomText

ZoomText Echo

ZoomText Programs Echo

ZoomText AppReader

ZoomText DocReader

ZoomText SpeakIt

Enabling and Disabling Speech in ZoomText

ZoomText Web Finders