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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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How to Apply

Future Freshmen

Applying for Admission

Before you apply, make sure you review our admission standards and priority dates. Also, make sure that you read the application tips before you fill out the application.

Freshman applicants must submit the following to complete their applications:

  • Online application. Our online application is easy to use and secure, and it gives you immediate confirmation that we’ve received your application. You can also download and complete the Freshman Application for Admission (PDF). Students interested in the Jacobs School of Music and applying with the IU PDF application will need to contact the Jacobs Admissions Office by phone at (812) 855-7998 to receive instructions on how to submit music-specific information.
  • $60 application fee. If you apply online, you must pay the fee by credit card. If you submit the paper application, you can include a check or money order made payable to Indiana University. Make sure you include your full name and date of birth on the check. Students applying for the Jacobs School of Music will need to pay a total of $140 for their application fees. Application fees are nonrefundable.
  • High school transcript. We must receive a current, official transcript directly from your high school. Please make sure that you list your senior year courses when you complete the application for admission. If your high school transcript does not include your cumulative grade point average, your counselor must complete the Counselor Signature Form (PDF). We also accept the Electronic Secondary School Report (ESSR).
  • SAT/ACT scores. SAT and/or ACT scores with the writing component are required for the admission process. IU Bloomington considers only official test scores sent directly from the testing agencies. We encourage students to take both tests, to test early and often, and to submit all test scores to increase their chances for admission and scholarship consideration. Our SAT code is 1324 and our ACT code is 1210.
Application Tips
  • Senior schedule. Include your full senior schedule (not just fall courses). If your school is on semesters, use fall and spring. For full year classes, list them once for fall and again for spring. If your school is on trimesters, use fall, winter, and spring; list full year classes three times, once for each term. If you do not have enough space, you may omit non-academic classes such as music, art, and physical education.
  • Student date of birth. When entering your date of birth, do not use the Tab key, as this can result in an incorrect date being entered and delay processing of the application.
  • Signature. The signature at the end of the application that verifies the student information is correct must be signed by you (the student) and not your parent. If anyone other than the applicant signs the application, it will delay processing of the application.
Scholarship Reminders

All students are encouraged to submit a completed application for admission by November 1 for maximum scholarship consideration. Only students who submit a completed application for admission by this date will be considered for IU Achievement Scholarships and invited to apply for Selective Scholarships for which they may be eligible. Students who meet the November 1 deadline may submit updated SAT or ACT scores until January 15 for additional scholarship consideration.

Please note that the Wells Scholarship has an earlier deadline. For more information about IU scholarships, eligibility requirements, and deadlines, visit the Office of Scholarships website. If you are applying to the Jacobs School of Music, please review additional application procedures here.

Admission Status

We receive thousands of applications per year, and we want to review all of them—including yours—carefully. So please bear with us. You can expect an admission decision by one of the dates listed on our Priority Dates page. Please note that we cannot provide admission decisions over the phone, but you can check your admission status online.