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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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How to Apply

Future Freshmen

Admission Standards

Homeschooled Students

We encourage students from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply to IU, including homeschooled students. We individually evaluate homeschooled students on the same basis as students from public and private schools, using the same academic standards. The most important factors we consider are:

  • Curriculum (academic course work)
  • Transcripts (letter grades or percentages)
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), as described in our Admission Standards
Curriculum and Academic Prerequisites

Homeschooled applicants must complete study in specific core academic areas and submit a transcript of their course work. IU requires applicants to complete at least 34 credits (or semesters) of college-preparatory courses, advanced placement courses, and/or college courses in high school, including:

  • 8 credits (semesters) of English, such as literature, grammar, composition, and journalism
  • 7 credits (semesters) of mathematics, including 4 credits of algebra and 2 credits of geometry (or an equivalent 6 credits of integrated algebra and geometry) and 1 credit of pre-calculus, trigonometry, or calculus.
  • 6 credits (semesters) of social sciences, including 2 credits of U.S. history; 2 credits of world history/civilization/geography; and 2 additional credits in government, economics, sociology, history, or similar topics
  • 6 credits (semesters) of sciences, including at least 4 credits of laboratory sciences—biology, chemistry, or physics
  • 4 credits (semesters) of world languages
  • 3 or more credits (semesters) of additional college-preparatory courses. Additional mathematics credits are recommended for students intending to pursue a science degree and additional world language credits are recommended for all students.

    We realize that the transcripts of homeschooled students may be different from those of traditional high school students. Regardless of format, your transcript should include:

    • All courses taken, including those in progress, and the academic year and semester in which each was taken
    • Assessment of performance (letter grades, percentages, portfolio commentary, etc.) and an explanation of any applicable grading scales

    In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information describing your curriculum, such as detailed course descriptions and texts used. If you have completed course work concurrently at a high school or college, please include official transcript(s) from the institution(s) with your application.

    More Information

    If you have questions regarding the review of homeschooled applicants or would like more information, please contact us.