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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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How to Apply

Transfer Students

Intercampus Transfer

Admission to Majors & Programs

As an intercampus transfer student, you will be admitted into University Division or into your chosen major in one of IU’s schools. A key factor in determining where you will be placed is how many hours of transferable college course work you have completed.

  • If you have completed fewer than 26 semester hours (or 39 quarter hours), you will automatically be placed into University Division, where you will receive personalized advising to help you choose your program of study at IU.
  • If you have completed more than 26 semester hours (or 39 quarter hours), you will likely be admitted directly into your chosen major, although there are some exceptions.

Most intercampus transfer students who are admitted to IU begin their course work in University Division. University Division evaluates all intercampus transfer applications and, in most cases, notifies the student directly of the admission decision. There are two exceptions:

  • If University Division determines that you are eligible for admission directly into your chosen degree-granting school, your application will be forwarded to that school for consideration and review. You will be notified that your application has been forwarded and receive your admission decision directly from the school.
  • In some cases, when a student’s eligibility for admission will be based on high school course work, the application will be forwarded to the Office of Admissions for consideration and review. These students are notified that their application has been forwarded to Admissions, but will still receive their admission decision from University Division.

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