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Claire '14

Weston, Florida
Region Editor for the Indiana Daily Student and Ernie Pyle Scholar

While not originally from Indiana, I have always been a Hoosier! There is a baby picture of me wearing my dad’s IU baseball hat. For as long as I can remember, my dad always rooted for the Indiana Hoosiers, his alma mater. Growing up in Weston, Florida, IU was always an option. The quality of IU's academic programs is truly world class and the extracurricular opportunities available to all undergraduate students are tremendous. Keep reading to learn my favorites and hear more of my story! 

My Best of IU and B-town Links

  • Best Bloomington Breakfast: The Village Deli on Kirkwood
  • Best Place to Study in April: The Arboretum near the Wells Library
  • Best Satuday Afternoon in the Fall: Game day and cheering on the Hoosiers in Memorial Stadium
  • Best Place to Take Parents for Dinner: Actually, the best place for them to take you to dinner is Malibu Grill.
  • Best Late Night Food: Pizza X breadsticks
  • Best Season at IU: All of them! They are all so pretty and fun!

It wasn’t until I visited campus and toured the School of Journalism that I fell in love with the campus and knew that this was the perfect university for me. I now know that IU is so much more beautiful than it may appear on the surface. I have grown so much as a person at IU, both inside and outside the classroom. Since I went to a large high school (during my sophomore year, my high school was the largest in the nation), the size of IU didn’t scare me. However, the fact that I was going potluck on a roommate and didn’t know anyone else coming to IU absolutely terrified me. Thankfully, I was paired with an incredible girl to room with and we clicked.

I was also an Ernie Pyle Scholar, which means I am in the Honors Journalism Program at IU. Through this program, I had 17 friends from move-in day. However, I wanted more. I immediately dove in to the Indiana Daily Student, where I am currently one of the region editors. The IDS is truly the best classroom as I am able to practice what I want to do for the rest of my life--work for a daily newspaper. The friendships I have made and and the growth I have experienced as a journalist at the IDS are one of a kind; I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that I wouldn’t be able to have these same experiences at any other school.

I can’t believe how quickly my time at IU is passing. While this saddens me to think that my time at IU is rapidly ending, it also excites me for the amazing experiences and opportunities that are ahead of me and how my experience at IU will prepare me to tackle the real world. I am so proud to be an Indiana Hoosier.