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The East Coast


Stefanie '14

Long Island, New York
Teaching All Learners
Direct Admit Leadership Council, International Honor Society, and IU Hillel Student Board

My name is Stefanie Lugassy and I’m from Long Island, New York. “Why did I choose Indiana University at Bloomington or IU as we call it?” I came to visit the campus and the surrounding town of Bloomington and instantly fell in love with the school. The campus is beautiful and has everything I was looking for; it is spirited and energetic, with a diverse student body and a welcoming environment. IU is a large campus that became smaller through my involvement within the School of Education, campus-based activities, and the relationships I have formed. Keep reading to learn more!

My Best of IU and B-town Links

  • Best Place for a Late Night Snack: Baked! Baked has the most delicious cookies and they are open super late. It's a great place to order in after a late night with friends or a late night studying.
  • Best Place to Study: Starbucks on Indiana Avenue; it is a quiet but lively environment with beautiful background music. There are a lot of tables and outlets for your computer! It's never awkwardly quiet, but it's rarely distracting. 
  • Best Pizza: As I am from New York and am a bit of a pizza snob, in Bloomington, I'd have to say the best by far is Mother Bears
  • Best Place to Go Shopping: Kirkwood! Kirkwood has the best shopping in town; there are many stores to visit and you can spend an afternoon shopping there with friends.
  • Best Place for Ice Cream: This one is a tie. I would either have to say The Chocolate Moose or Hartzels. Both are fabulous after a long day of classes in the spring.

Currently, I’m majoring in education in the TAL (Teaching All Learners) Program. For those of you not majoring in education, that means I will be certified to teach elementary and special education for kindergarten through sixth grade. Being a bit "tech-savvy," I decided to add on a CEL, or Computer Educator License, which will enable me to teach computers to all students. The School of Education at IU is definitely preparing me for my future as a teacher.

As for my involvement within the School of Education, I participate in several organizations. I am the newly appointed president of the Student Council for Exceptional Children and cannot wait to begin volunteering this semester with the Down Syndrome Family Connection, whose goal it is to enrich the lives of students with special needs. Being directly admitted to the School of Education, I also participate in all the direct admit activities, including the Direct Admit Leadership Council, and serve as the events chair. This year, I started a new mentor program, which provides upperclass mentors to incoming freshmen.

Outside of the School of Education, I am an active member of Hillel, which is a “Jewish home away from home” for students. Hillel volunteers with various organizations in the Bloomington area and also helps feed the homeless through Challah for Hunger. I am on the student board as the special events chair and I find myself spending a lot of time there. You can also find me at all the IU sporting events; I have season tickets to both football and basketball and I love to cheer on our teams.

I look forward to becoming more involved throughout my next two years at IU. Getting involved is a great way to make connections, build relationships with new friends, and take advantage of all IU has to offer. GO HOOSIERS!