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 Indiana University Bloomington

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College Should Be Like This

A place to celebrate new ideas and practice old traditions, a place that connects you to the world and feels like home.

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Your Ticket to the World

See the world—and yourself—from a new perspective.

International experiences are fascinating windows into other people, cultures, and ideas. They also teach you a lot about yourself. Each year, these experiences challenge thousands of IU students to consider their values, their culture, and their place in the world.

This is precisely why IU has a World Languages and Cultures requirement and offers so many international experiences, from overseas study to course-related trips to the Hutton Honors College’s International Experiences Program. Each of these opportunities helps students develop the knowledge and attitudes that will guide them in an interconnected world.

Celebrating culture on campus

IU students come from more than 135 countries and a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, adding to Bloomington’s cultural richness. You can participate in nearly 50 international student groups, see multicultural performances, and get involved in our community’s cultural centers:

Get fluent

Around 80 foreign languages are offered at IU, including some that aren’t taught at any other U.S. university. You can take courses in Akan, Albanian, Arabic, and Azeri—and that’s just the A’s.

Where will IU take you?

Your IU journey begins in Bloomington, so plan your campus visit.

  • IU ranks 7th among U.S. institutions for the number of students who study overseas—more than 2,500 annually. IU offers more than 100 overseas programs in around 40 countries and nearly every field of study.
  • More than 6,000 international students enrolled at IU Bloomington in fall 2012.
  • Learn about the many cultures on campus through food, music, and even salsa dance lessons at CultureFest, part of Welcome Week before the fall semester.