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The College Years Begin

Just beginning the college process or are you already in the middle of it? Either way, our Parent Facebook page is there to help all parents of future Hoosiers!

This is an exciting time. You are proud and hopeful as your child starts his or her college education. But this can also be a trying time—emotionally and financially. If you’re new to this experience, there might be even more apprehension.

But whether your first or your fifth child is heading off to college, it’s important to remember the endless rewards. You’ll see your son or daughter become more independent, meet new friends, and experience new things. There might be a few unexpected rewards too—more food in the fridge, an available bathroom, or easier access to your home computer!

We realize you’ll have many questions as you and your student begin this journey. We created this section of our Web site to answer the questions parents ask most about the IU college experience and to guide you through your next steps as you prepare to become part of the IU family.