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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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Get Ready for Admission

College is just around the corner, so be sure that you are prepared when it comes time to apply. Check out some of our tips for sophomores:

  • Make sure you know what courses are required for admission. IU, for example, requires seven semesters of math, one of which MUST be pre-calculus, trigonometry, or calculus.
  • Talk with your high school guidance counselor about the colleges that interest you and make a plan for your final years of high school.
  • Include challenging courses in your schedule such as honors or AP courses that will prepare you for your college courses. But, make sure you create an appropriate balance and plan a schedule that is a good match for your abilities.
  • Attend a college fair in your area. Listen to the questions being asked and pick up info to take home and read.
  • When you find some colleges and universities that you are interested in, make sure you get on the mailing list (all colleges are different but you can usually accomplish this through the Admissions web site).
  • Make your first college visit!
  • Register for and take the PLAN or PSAT test to identify areas where you need to improve your skills; soon you'll be taking the SAT and/or ACT!
  • Think about the subject areas that interest you and read about related majors online.
  • Keep high school fun and build your leadership skills. Join some clubs or organizations that interest you or volunteer in your community.
  • Start keeping a list of your honors and activities.