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Tarih-i Naʿima (Naʿima’s History)

Accession Number: Lilly Library, DR 403 .M837 vol. 2

Date and Location: 1734, Istanbul (Ottoman Turkish)

Author: Naʿima (d. 1716)

Binding: Not original, rebound

Page or Folio numbers: 711 pages +3 folios of front matter and 15 folios of back matter

Dimensions of page: 29.25 x 19 cm

Dimensions of textblock: 24 x 12.75 cm

This copy of Naʿima’s History contains useful information for the study of the activities of the Müteferrika printing house because it includes a list of previously published books and their print-runs in the back, following its colophon. This copy also happens to be illuminated; this task was carried out for an extra fee.

Detailed Description:

This is a copy of the thirteenth book printed by the Müteferrika press, Tarih-i Naʿima. Since the ninth publication, Müteferrika began to print all of his books with decorative headpieces with large titles followed by the bismillah. This particular copy's headpiece and its frames have been painted with gold and other colors. As with all of Müteferrika publications, this one uses a simple and legible naskh (Turkish: nesih) script. There are catchwords at the bottom of each folio despite the simultaneous use of page numbers throughout the book. The paper is chain-laid, watermarked, and imported from Europe.

The first volume of Tarih-i Naʿima bears a preface by Müteferrika followed by a table of contents, while the second volume only has the table of contents that precedes the text (folios 1r-3v). Interestingly, this table only includes parts from the original work. Müteferrika added an appendix written by Naʿima (this was separate from his history) to the end of the second volume. This appendix, which does not appear in the table of contents, covers the events of the Feyzullah Revolt of 1703. Tarih-i Naʿima covered events that took place between 1591 and 1660. As with all of Müteferrika books, it ends with a colophon that includes the date and place of its publication. Following the colophon, for the first and only time, Müteferrika includes a list of all of his previous publications with their print runs. Only the eighth book, the Turkish Grammar (Grammaire Turque), written in French, was excluded from this list, perhaps because it was not marketed to local consumers.