Art of the Western World: Medieval through Modern

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Visitors to the museum's first floor gallery can trace the developments of Western art from early Christianity to the present day. The earliest pieces in this gallery are metalwork objects made to celebrate Christian rituals. The Medieval and Renaissance Collection follows, filled with altarpieces, sculptures, and decorative arts.

In pieces from the seventeenth century, ordinary human events share the stage with more spiritual concerns; the popularity of landscape, portrait, and still-life painting in European and American art after 1800 is reflected paintings by Monet, Caillebotte, and other Impressionists.

The experimentation of the modern artists of the twentieth century is highlighted by Pablo Picasso's painting, L'Atelier (The Studio) of 1934 and the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock's 1949 drip painting. Many major modern sculptors are also represented in the collection.



Adoration of the Magi

American Harvesting

Number 11