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Explore the image American Harvesting created by Jasper F. Cropsey in 1851

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Questions to Consider [show/hide]

Title: American Harvesting
Artist: Jasper F. Cropsey
Date: 1851

  1. Name the features of the painting that are “natural” and those that show human presence.
  2. How has the artist organized spatial recession in this landscape?
  3. Where is your eye drawn first? How does Cropsey direct your eye?
  4. What might the people near the fence be contemplating?
  5. What feeling does this landscape inspire? What features make you feel this way?
  6. What time of day is captured in this painting?
  7. What features of the painting lend a “spiritual” quality?
  8. How might this painting relate to the nineteenth-century idea of westward expansion?
  9. What does this painting tell you about Cropsey’s thoughts about the relationship between man and nature?

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