Indiana University Art Museum Pictures America: The Steerage

Explore the image The Steerage created by Alfred Stieglitz in 1907

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Questions to Consider [show/hide]

Title: The Steerage
Artist: Alfred Stieglitz
Date: 1907

  1. What was the first object you noticed in this image? How did the artist draw your attention to this feature?
  2. Look closely and describe the clothing, postures, gestures, actions, and ages of the different people in this image.
  3. Select an individual in the photograph and interpret their thoughts or feelings through their posture, gesture, and/or action.
  4. What basic shapes define this composition? Which shapes are repeated throughout the composition?
  5. What is the general emotion of this image?
  6. How has the artist contrasted the groups of people on the upper and lower floors?

Roll your mouse over this image, and you’ll find 8 interesting bits of information. These will help you answer the Questions to Consider.

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