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Explore the image Swing Landscape created by Stuart Davis in 1938

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Questions to Consider [show/hide]

Title: Swing Landscape
Artist: Stuart Davis
Date: 1938

  1. Describe the different shapes you see in this painting.
  2. Can you find any recognizable things in this painting?
  3. What do you think Davis is trying to depict in this painting?
  4. What is the most noticeable thing in the painting? How did Davis emphasize that area of the painting?
  5. How does Davis utilize the characteristic features of jazz and swing music?
  6. Find an example where Davis suggested a three-dimensional object by using relatively few colored forms.
  7. What do you feel when you look at this painting? What particular features provoke this feeling?
  8. What type of message might this painting suggest to people in a housing project? In a gallery? During the Depression?
  9. Discuss how advertising may have served as inspiration for this painting.
  10. Discuss whether this painting is simplifying or complicating the Gloucester waterfront’s landscape. Or both?
  11. How does this painting differ from what a person might see in a photograph of the Gloucester waterfront?

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