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K-12 Curriculum-Structured Tours
The museum’s education department can customize interactive tours around various disciplines, themes, issues, and ideas expressed in a class curriculum, such as science, math, history, geography, biology, literature, art fundamentals, or world religions to name a few.
CSTs we have provided for schools, K-12, include:

-Tours of the famous Thomas Hart Benton murals
-Tours of Indiana art and architecture on the IU Bloomington campus
-Foreign language tours

Curriculum-structured tours with bus transportation (up to $100 per bus) are available for every grade, K-12.

Here are just a few tour suggestions currently being offered:

Kindergarten: Safari in the Galleries (resource materials in process)

*Grade 1: Exploring Art through Shape, Color, Line, and Form

*Grade 2: Introduction to an Art Museum

Grade 3: Communities (resource materials in process)

*Grade 4: Teaching History through the Thomas Hart Benton Indiana Murals (in cooperation with the IU Auditorium)

*Grade 5: The IU Art Museum Pictures America Selections from the Morton C. Bradley Collection of American Painting

*Grade 6: Images of World Cultures: Western Civilization

*Grades 7–8: Images of World Cultures: Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, and/or Ancient Americas

Grades 9–12: Thematic Gallery Sessions Issues of Cultural Diversity, Gender, World Religions, Social Issues

*Grades 7–12: World Religions Tour

(*Accompanying web module, please see "e-learning". Resource materials for teachers available upon request.)

Please contact us to arrange a customized tour!

Specialized School Programs

Second Grade Program
Since 1982 the museum has partnered with the Monroe County Community Schools to provide a tour program for all second grade classes system-wide. This program serves to introduce second graders to the world of art and the many functions of a museum. The objectives, content, and methods are the result of an on-going dialogue among classroom and art teachers, art education professors and students, museum educators and docents, second graders, and the state standards for second-grade art programs. Bus transportation for this program is made possible through the generosity of a museum donor.

Fourth Grade Program
The museum, in cooperation with the IU Auditorium, offers a program for all area fourth grade classes to enhance their studies of state history by exploring the “Indiana” murals by Thomas Hart Benton. Pre- and post-visit materials accompany this local program and can be accessed through the website. Bus transportation for this program is made possible through the generosity of a museum donor.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Program
The museum provides upper elementary classes from across the state with customized programs and tours of the art from various world cultures. Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, Japan, Europe, Africa, and Oceania are just a few of the world areas that have been the focus of these specialized programs. Pre- and post-visit materials are available for loan to area educators within a seven-county region of south-central Indiana.

We enjoy a challenge! There are dozens of tours and programs on file!

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