Constitution of the African Students' Association at Indiana University


The African Students' Association at Indiana University shall concern itself primarily with the welfare of African students, particularly African students at Indiana University. The Association shall further concern itself with cultural, social, political, and economic matters affecting Africa and the African community within Bloomington. Convinced that the youths of Africa everywhere have a significant role to play in the shaping of the destiny of Africa, we the African students at Indiana University declare that the main objective of our Association shall essentially be:

To organize the African students at Indiana University into a unified and responsible body in order to:

Sec. A. Raising awareness about issues in Africa among the student population at Indiana University.
Sec. B. Come to the assistance of one another in case of need.
Sec. C. Prepare ourselves for the important role we will have to assume in the development of Africa.
Sec. D. Make every member alive to the cultural, economic, social, and political problems in Africa.

ARTICLE I: Name of the Organization
This organization shall be known as THE AFRICAN STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY, hereafter referred to as: IUASA.

ARTICLE II: Membership
Sec. A. Membership shall be open to all students at Indiana University that have an interest in Africa.
Sec. B. The Association shall, however, reserve the rights to determine membership in doubtful cases.
Sec. C. Only members in good standing are entitled to vote.
Sec. D. A member in good standing is one who participates fully in the activities/events of the Association.

ARTICLE III: Organization of the Association
Sec. A. General Assembly

(1) The General Assembly shall be the supreme organ of the Association.
(2) It shall be composed of all members of the Association, qualified as stipulated in Article II.
(3) Its primary function shall be to determine general policies of the Association and to approve recommendations, according to the needs and circumstances of the moment.
(4) Decisions of the General Assembly shall be determined by a simple majority of voting members present.

  Sec. B. Executive Committee

(1) The Executive Committee is composed of seven members as follows:

Secretary general
Social Chairperson
Public Relations Officer

(2) The Executive Committee shall carry out plans and policies approved by the General Assembly.
(3) It shall initiate and implement projects deemed necessary in accordance with the objectives of the Association.
(4) It shall however be responsible to the General Assembly for the smooth running of the Association.
(5) It shall be responsible for collecting the Association records from departing members.

ARTICLE IV: Duties of Officers
Sec. A. President:

(1) The President shall serve for one full year (12 months) and shall leave office after the last social event of the spring semester.
(2) He/She shall preside over all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee, enforcing basic parliamentary rules of order, with due respect to the constitution.
(3) He/She shall appoint members of special committees, and all other non-elective officers upon consultation with the executive committee.

(4) He/She shall be an un-official member of every committee of the Association.
(5) He/She shall coordinate the efforts of the executive board, as well as any special committee(s), and shall assign duties to members as the need arises.
(6) He/She shall keep up with the IUASA’s social networking sites.

Sec. B. Vice-President(s):
(1) He/She shall assume the functions of the President in their absence.
(2) He/She shall be chairman of the Speakers' Forum to be organized in conjunction with the Public relations Officer in order to provide various organizations with members speakers on topics about Africa.
(3) He/She shall be an un-official member of every committee of the Association.
(4) He/She shall keep up with the IUASA’s social networking sites.

Sec. C. Treasurer:
(1) The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial records of the Association.
(2) He/She shall be in charge of fundraising.
(3) He/She shall make a written financial budget report to the Executive committee for any social event in which funds will be needed.
(4) He/She shall deposit all funds collected on behalf of the IUASA into the Associations account within 48 hours.

Sec. D. Social Chairperson:
(1) The Social Chairperson shall be responsible for the organization of all social and cultural activities of the Association.
(2) He/She shall be responsible for coordinating special committees appointed for social activities.
(3) He/She shall be the liaison in the event that IUASA joins another student organization for a particular project/event.

Sec. F. Public Relations Officer:

  1. The Public Relations Officer shall keep in touch with all members at a personal level.
  2. They shall reach out into the student community and work with the social chairperson in reaching out towards other organizations.
  3. He/she shall keep a record of attendance at meetings and social gatherings encouraging them in both their academic endeavors and in their attendance for the Association.

Sec. G. Volunteer Community Chair / Philanthropy Chair

  1. He/she ensures that the IUASA performs at least 3 community events per semester.
  2. They will work together with the Treasurer in creating a fundraising event.
  3. They will work with the Vice-President(s) to accomplish any philanthropic event.

Sec. H. Webmaster

  1. He/She shall maintain the change of the IUASA website.
  2. He/She shall edit any material within the constitution, club photos, as well as a description of IUASA events.

Sec. I. Secretary:
(1) The Secretary shall be the chief correspondent and archives officer of the association.
(2) He/She shall announce general assembly meetings and inform all members, in writing of any social activity of the association each semester.

ARTICLE VI: Special Committees
Special committees shall be created for a given period when the need arises, by the President or the President and Executive Committee. They will be responsible for carrying out projects approved by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly towards the various activities.
Sec. A. General Assembly
(1) The General Assembly shall meet at least once a month - in the evening time of the second Tuesday of the month.
(2) The General Assembly may also meet on special occasions on the Executive Committee's request for IUASA sponsored social/philanthropic events.

Sec. B. Executive Committee:
(1) The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times a month.
(2) It shall also meet in emergency situations as dictated by the president.
(3) The decisions of the Executive Committee shall be determined by the President, or the VP in his/her absence, as well as by two-thirds of the members present.

ARTICLE VIII: Elections:
Sec. A. All Executive Committee members are to be elected by the General Assembly.
Sec. B. All active members are eligible to run for office as long as they are a member, who has spent either

  1. a year as a student at Indiana University.
  2. at least one semester at Indiana University as a transfer student
  3. at least a year as an executive member

(4) is not running against any other candidates.
Sec. C. Officers are elected by a secret ballot on a simple majority basis of the members present.
Sec. D. If a candidate's nomination is unopposed, he can only be elected into office by a simple majority of the members present.
Sec. E. Special Case: In the case of a vacant position, due to resignation or other situation, the President shall nominate in consultation with the Executive Committee an Officer to fill the post within a week of vacancy.

ARTICLE IX: Amendment Procedures
Sec. A. Any Amendment proposal must be in writing and submitted to the President stating the clause to be amended, the proposed change and the motivation or justification for the change.
Sec. B. The President shall then appoint a Special Constitutional Committee to examine critically the Amendment and report to the General Assembly. A vote on an amendment is carried by two-thirds of the active members.

  • Statement of University Compliance: This organization shall comply with all Indiana University regulations, and local, state, and federal laws.
  • Anti-Hazing Policy: Hazing is strictly prohibited. Hazing shall be defined as any conduct which subjects another person, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically, to anything that may abuse, degrade, or intimidate the person as a condition of association with a group or organization, regardless of the person's consent or lack of consent.
  • Personal Gain Clause: This organization, if raising funds, shall ethically raise and distribute profits from organizational functions to either the organization or to members who provide a service that directly benefits the organization. Individual members may not receive compensation directly from forprofit companies if acting as a representative of a student organization.