Why Certify?

  1. To do your part in lowering the carbon footprint and waste output of yourself and IUB. The effort to green IUB is already underway through programs like the Campus Energy Challenge and through the increasing popularity of sustainability curriculum and student groups. This is your chance to be part of it!

  2. Because you deserve to be recognized! By participating in the program, you become a part of the Green Room Club, will receive special certification signage to be hung on the outside of your door, and will be automatically entered into a drawing for neat, sustainability-related prizes.

  3. Because it’s fun! Greening your room is a project that you, your roommate, and your friends can engage in. Imagine yourself thrifting for room decorations and growing a windowsill garden!

  4. Because you’ll be a good influence. Your involvement in the program has the potential to inform your friends and others in your residence hall about the benefits of sustainable living, and to grow the movement.

How Do I Certify?

Here are the steps to certifying your room:

  1. Download the certification criteria to determine how many you have satisfied.

  2. Based on your current status, set a goal for yourself. During the pilot phase of this program, students are required to meet 20 of the 40 criteria to achieve certification. Challenge yourself to go above and beyond even if you’ve satisfied the minimum qualifications!

  3. Complete the online certification form and submit.

  4. The program coordinator will verify your certification in one week and send you your certificate.

  5. Post your certificate on your door, recruit your friends and/or serve as a model residence hall room.

You can view the list of criteria here.