2011 Syllabus

Students will receive six credit hours as they study comparative environmental policy and global governance of climate change with acclaimed Oxford scholars and IU faculty. 

These courses have been pre-approved for SPEA BSPA Environmental Management, Legal Studies, Management, Public and Nonprofit Management, and Policy Analysis majors and all BSES majors. These courses are also pre-approved for SPEA MPA and MPA joint degree students pursuing concentrations in Comparative and International Affairs, Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Development, Energy, Policy Analysis, and Public Management. 

Prior to applying for this program, students should check with an academic advisor to determine how these courses will count towards their degree, especially those students enrolling from Indiana University schools other than SPEA and other educational institutions outside the Indiana University system.

The classes include:

Environmental Regulation Strategies: Comparative Policy Analysis (V450/550) - 3 credits. Adopting a comparative studies approach, this course will examine and compare environmental regulation in Europe to that of the United States. The course will be built around a framework for environmental policy implementation, supplemented by specific concepts in economics, public finance, public administration, law, and politics. The conceptual part of the course would be made more concrete through the use of case studies from the European Union and the United States.

Climate Change and Global Governance (V450/550) - 3 credits. Adopting an international relations approach, this class will explore global governance of climate change policy, including a review of existing and evolving international agreements, institutions to support those agreements, and policy considerations for an international carbon trading system that includes the use of offset programs.

The IU at Oxford program will continue to make liberal use of guest lecturers to provide the students with access to a broad range of professors. We will likely have 15 to 20 guest lecturers for the 2012 program. The guest line-up will likely include Sir David King of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Dr. Cameron Hepburn, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Mr. Timothy Cullen of Said Business School, Dr. Jerome Ravetz of Said Business SchoolDr. Steve Rayner of Said Business School, and numerous other environmental policy experts.