2012 IU at Oxford pricing will be as follows:

  • Indiana resident undergraduate students: $5,790
  • Indiana non-resident undergraduate students: $7,790
  • Indiana resident graduate students: $5,990
  • Indiana non-resident graduate students: $7,990

2012 pricing includes the following expenses:

  • Tuition/Guest Speaker Honorariums/Meeting Space
  • Housing in Brussels (double occupancy hotel), London (single standard dorm room), Cambridge (double occupancy ensuite dorm room), and Oxford (single ensuite dorm room)
  • Transportation from Brussels to London via Eurostar on June 27; Private Group Coach from London to Cambridge on July 2; and Private Group Coach from Cambridge to Oxford on July 5
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Coffee/Tea Breaks on Class Days
  • One Small Group Dinner (Directors will host small dinner each week for 6 students at a local restaurant and each student may sign up for one dinner)
  • Local Metro Passes for Brussels (6 Days); London (6 Days); and Oxford (30 Days); Cambridge Buses are free of charge
  • Welcome Lunch in Brussels
  • Fourth of July Barbecue in Cambridge
  • Welcome Lunch in Oxford
  • Punting Excursion on the River Cherwell in Oxford
  • Final Three Course Banquet for Entire Group

Pricing does not include the following:

  • Air travel from Indianapolis to Brussels or London to Indianapolis (Estimated Costs: ~$1,300 to $1500)
    Hint: Check with STA (Student Travel Agency) for low rates
  • Books and other supplies (Estimated Costs: $250 - $350)
  • Universal Adapter for use with Cell Phone Chargers and Computers that work with 110 V - 220V electricity (Estimated Costs: $20)
  • Transformer for small US 110 volt appliances or dual voltage appliances that will work with 110 V - 220 V electricity, such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons (Estimated Costs: $20 - $40)
  • Transportation to and from airports (Estimated Costs: $75)
  • Numerous meals - approximately 12 Breakfasts, 20 Lunches, and 42 Dinners (Estimated Costs: $250 - $400)
  • Optional excursions during the program, such as college tours, museum visits, West End show (Estimated Costs: $150 - $400)
  • Souveneirs, such as Belgian chocolates, British tea, clothing, etc.  (Estimated Costs: $25 - $200)
  • Additional travel before or after the program (Estimated Costs: $50 - 200 for return train tickets, at least $30 - $40/night for housing, and $5 - $10/day for food for each three-day trip to a different European city)

Additional monies needed for your entire visit will likely include approximately $1,300 to $1,500 for airfare and an additional $800 - $1,200 for supplies, meals, excursions, and travel during the program.  Students who wish to travel before or after the program may find they will need at least an additional $150 for each three-day visit to another European city (depending on distance from city of origin).  Expenses will vary widely between students, depending on whether they dine out frequently and visit numerous attractions or if they eat PBJ sandwiches and cereal and take advantage of the many free activities the cities have to offer.  A very frugal student could probably do okay with as little as $500 for supplies, food, and activities (in addition to airfare costs) if he/she does not travel before or after the program.