Student Reviews

Comments from 2010 Participants:

I thoroughly enjoyed what I thought to be the philosophy of the trip: work hard and play hard. The quality of the instruction was fantastic and the social activities with these particular peers made the program fun, exciting, lively and entertaining.

I believe the exposure to such a wide variety of high caliber instructors combined with rigorous instruction is unique to the Oxford Program.

Stephanie and Ken did a wonderful job coordinating the food, and guest speakers in and outside the class.

Comments from 2008 Participants:

I really appreciated all the work that Stephanie and Ken have put into this program. It definitely shows and has made this an extremely positive experience - one that I think is unique to most study abroad programs. . . Invaluable experience I would recommend to anyone.

Ken and Stephanie did an amazing job at maximizing the amount we could learn about both our classes and England. Every day, they put in a large amount of effort to make sure this happened, and it really shows through.

Overall, this was an experience of a life time. I met great friends and shared many great times. Professor Richards' courses will help me throughout my studies. I am very thankful for all the hard work Professor and Mrs. Richards put into planning our meals and adventures.

Very rigorous, competitive, intellectually and personally challenging experience.

The academic component was great. Not too easy, but not too intense and I learned a lot.

I'm really glad that we ate at so many different types of restaurants. I'm very picky and have expanded my food horizon by a huge amount and I'm so glad I did.

Comments from 2006 Participants:

We just wanted to thank you for this opportunity & all of your hard work. You have gone out of your way to give us a wide range of experiences. We will always be grateful. Cheers!

--Inaugural IU @ Oxford Class