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Audit Feedback Questionnaire Form

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit your opinions concerning the quality of service we provided during our recent engagement. This information will help to foster future improvements in the Internal Audit function.

We request that you, or the staff member most familiar with our recent work, complete and submit the questionnaire. Please feel free to expand on any areas that you wish to clarify in the comments area of the WebForm. We sincerely appreciate your assistance.



Campus (per the Internal Audit report title):

Internal Audit Report Name:

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During the initial conference, the audit team explained the objectives, timing, and audit process and solicited your questions and concerns.


The audit team exhibited an understanding of your unit's mission/operations/procedures.


The audit team was cooperative in attempting to minimize interruptions to your operations and schedule.


The audit team demonstrated technical proficiency in audit areas and knowledge of related University policies.


The audit team demonstrated courtesy, professionalism, and a constructive and positive approach.


You or your key staff members were adequately informed of the audit status, major issues, and final results on a timely basis.


You had the opportunity to provide explanations or responses to audit findings as they developed during the audit process.


During the exit conference, all findings were adequately discussed and all issues of fact were resolved.


The final report was accurate and clearly communicated the audit results and action plans..


The audit added value to your operations..


On a scale of 0 (no value) to 10 (high value), how much value do you feel this audit added to your unit?

Please use the comment box below to let us know what specific changes can we make to best improve our audit process.


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