IUB 21st Century Volunteer Corps

Volunteer Corps is a student organization that connects Indiana University Students to volunteer opportunities related to their major or interests. Originally created for and by 21st Century Scholars, Volunteer Corps is now open to all Indiana University undergraduate students. Students enrolled in Volunteer Corps will receive weekly emails notifying them of volunteer opportunities related to their major and/or interests. The volunteer opportunities may be on campus or in the Bloomington community, and they may be individual projects or group projects.  Volunteer Corps will carefully track your volunteer hours, so when it’s time to apply to graduate school or enter the job market, you will be able to receive a letter certifying how you’ve volunteered!

Why should I join Volunteer Corps?

Because Volunteer Corps . . .
  • provides an opportunity to explore career and personal interests and enrich your educational experience through volunteering.
  • provides networking opportunities, which will come in handy when it’s time to enter the job market or apply to graduate school.
  • provides you with a forum to develop leadership and organizational skills.
  • will help you uncover hidden skills and talents and increase self-confidence.
  • builds a sense of community among Scholars and fosters friendships between Scholars and other students on campus.
  • provides an opportunity for you to give back to the community and the university that you are now a part of!
How do I join Volunteer Corps?
It’s easy. Just complete the form below. Then just check your email. Volunteer Corps will send you will send you notices about volunteer opportunities as well as social events and call out meetings related to Volunteer Corps.

What if I have questions?
Just drop us an email at, or call us at 812-856-1591. We’d love to hear from you.