About Chinese Calligraphy workshop

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About Chinese Calligraphy Club

IUB Chinese Calligraphy Club (3C) is a student organization at Indiana University Bloomington, aiming to introduce Chinese Calligraphy culture among campus, build up a communicative environment to learn and practice calligraphy, and provide opportunities for calligraphy lovers to share calligraphy work and experience with each other.

3C IUB will have calligraphy workshop every week and hold in-club calligraphy competition per semester. All IU students and any calligraphy scripts are welcomed. Join us and have fun.


Different from other student clubs, IUB Chinese Calligraphy Club will not have any membership fee from our members. Anyone who is interested in calligraphy and has signed in on our list could be our member. As a member of IUB Chinese Calligraphy Club, you will have the opportunity to enjoy both Basic and Professional Workshops, the calligraphy exhibition, communicating with other calligraphy lovers and get to practice Chinese as well. IUB Chinese Calligraphy Club is more than willing to see you on our following events. Come on and join us!

ߵ Dani

President Fall 2012 qindnie@indiana.edu;

ѩ Wenxue

VP of Activity Spring 2013 wqu@indiana.edu;


Activity Director Spring 2013 xinliao@indiana.edu;


Activity Director Fall 2013 xuyali@indiana.edu;


Activity Director Fall 2013 xizhong@indiana.edu;


Activity Director Fall 2013 cecily826@qq.com;


VP of Finance Fall 2012 liaoz@indiana.edu;

ޱ Wei

Finance Director Spring 2013 wj8@indiana.edu;


VP of Marketing Spring 2013 liruif@indiana.edu;


Marketing Director Fall 2012 yjiao@indiana.edu;


Marketing Director Fall 2013 zhangni@indiana.edu;


Marketing Director Fall 2013 zhirxu@indiana.edu;


Marketing Director Fall 2013 lujiay@indiana.edu;

ο Kai

Marketing Director Fall 2013 kaisong@indiana.edu;

С Vicky

VP of Mentors Spring 2013 xm2@indiana.edu;

Ө Zeying

Mentor Spring 2013 yangze@indiana.edu;

Ż Seraphenix

Mentor Fall 2011 zhanghua@indiana.edu;

ʤ Shengnan

Mentor Fall 2013 jinsh@indiana.edu;

һ Yiding

Mentor Fall 2013 yidliu@indiana.edu;

΢ Monique

Secretary & Treasurer Fall 2013 ZiwLin@indiana.edu;


Secretary Assistant Spring 2013 huang87@indiana.edu;

л Le Cynthia

Secretary Assistant Fall 2013 xieqing@indiana.edu;

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