Bloomington Advisors Council

Membership in BAAC

The Bloomington Academic Advisors' Council (BAAC) is an equal opportunity organization.

Regular memberships shall be open to faculty, administrators, counselors, advisors, graduate students, and other members of the IU Bloomington community whose interest is in the area of academic advising.

The membership and opportunities for leadership shall be open to all individuals meeting membership eligibility requirements.

There shall be no discrimination for reasons of religion, age, race or color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

For additional membership information, please see the BAAC By-laws.


The BAAC Mission Statement

The Bloomington Academic Advisors Council (BAAC) mission is to promote professional undergraduate academic advising at Indiana University Bloomington. To this end, BAAC is dedicated to the support and professional growth of its constituency, which it serves in respect to those areas of academic and student affairs that are most concerned with the intellectual, developmental, personal, and vocational needs of undergraduate students. BAAC is the forum for discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas with regard to, and official representative and advocate of, professional undergraduate academic advisors and advising practice on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.