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BAAC Spring 2015 Professional Development Series Events

NACADA Webinar: Advising International Students from China

March 25, 2015 in the IMU Oak Room 12:10-1:00pm

What should academic advisors know about the educational systems and educational assumptions of the international students they advise? How can advisors communicate successfully with students transitioning between cultures? How can advisors make materials user friendly to international students? In this recorded videocast panel discussion, moderated by NACADA Webinar Advisory Board Past-Chair Terry Musser, panelists Wei-Chien Lee (San Jose State University), Maren Larson (Pennsylvania State University), and Yung-Hwa Anna Chow (Washington State University) draw on their experiences as international students and as advisors working with international students from China to suggest strategies to assist advisors as they interact with students making language and cultural transitions.

The webinar is roughly 30 minutes in length.  The viewing of the webinar will be followed by small group discussions.
Please RSVP by Friday, March 20:

Cultural Competent Advising Strategies, May 2015


 Congratulations to the 35 advisors who completed the Professional Development Program for 2013-2014!  

The Bloomington Academic Advisors Council sponsors a Professional Development Program for each academic year. The BAAC Professional Development Program is designed to provide national-caliber professional development training to IU professional academic advisors at no cost to the advisors. The Program provides monthly on-campus professional development during the lunch hour. Each advisor who attends FIVE or more program events will receive a certificate of completion and acknowledgement letter sent to the advisor's supervisor.

The requirements for the BAAC Professional Development Certificate have recently been amended. Selection of professional development events to attend for credit toward the certificate is up to each individual advising professional.  As a professional in the field, you know best your professional development needs. The BAAC PDC will evaluate events based upon our definition of professional development and how each submitted event meets the learning objectives for the Professional development certificate program (see Appendix A in the approved guidelines). All submissions of events should be made to the chair of the Professional Development Committee.

The Professional Development Committee will send out emails congratulating those Advisors who complete the 2013-14 BAAC Professional Development Certificate Program as well as updates regarding sessions attended toward the Professional Development Certificate. Those wishing to submit an event for consideration to the Professional Development Committee to be counted toward the PD Certificate should be sure to submit your information by next deadline.

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