Bloomington Advisors Council

Terri Nation
Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

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First awarded at the Bloomington Academic Advisors Council Annual Meeting, February 24, 2006

The Bloomington Academic Advisors Council was formed to “promote the quality of academic advising at Indiana University, Bloomington. To this end, it is dedicated to the support and professional growth of advisors.” (BAAC Mission Statement)

The idea of an award for outstanding advising was discussed by the membership for several years before coming to fruition in 2006 through the efforts of the Campus Affairs committee and others. It seemed appropriate that such an award should also honor the memory of Terri Nation following her untimely death in 2003. Terri was a long-time advisor at IUB – an “advisor’s advisor” in the words of former BAAC President Cindy Moore – and a friend and colleague to many in BAAC.

This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional achievements of a member of BAAC, who is nominated by one or more of his or her colleagues. The nominees must have demonstrated exceptional service in at least one of the following categories: Acdemic Advising, Service to the IUB campus and Service to BAAC. Names of each year’s recipient will be inscribed upon a traveling plaque, and he or she will receive a keepsake plaque and a small honorarium.

Who can be nominated for the Terri Nation Outstanding Academic Advisor Award?

This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional achievements of a member of BAAC and honors Terri Nation, who was for many years an outstanding academic advisor and friend on the IUB campus.

*Nominations (name of advisor and short rationale) must be submitted by December 4, 2015
**All supporting documentation must be submitted by December 11, 2015
Guidelines for submitting a nomination

Please submit all nominations and supporting documentation to:
Carly Friedman, BAAC Secretary -
Chemistry Building 021   Fax:  (812) 855-8300 (Attn:  Carly Friedman, Undergraduate Advisor) 
Please inform via email that you are submitting a nomination via campus mail/fax.

Amanda with Terri's Mother

About Terri Nation
(October 29, 1948 - December 14, 2003)

“She called her grandchildren ‘Little People’. She loved being an advisor and guiding the students along their way. Ill or not, she reached assist people in need. She was proud of her family, her community and she loved working at IU. I felt blessed to know her.”

“Every year for the professional staff review, I would ask Terri to complete the review form for herself before coming to see me. Every year she would rate her work as 'fully satisfactory' and every year I would tell her 'no' and rate her work as 'exceeds expectations' or 'truly extraordinary.' Terri was modest to a fault, and tireless to a virtue. I miss her energy and spirit very much.”

“She was always an inspiration as an advisor. Terri had a great attitude and really enjoyed the students. She especially enjoyed [working with returning students] because she was so proud of her own degree completion later in life. Terri was very proud of her job as an advisor and worked hard to maintain a professional appearance and positive attitude. I still miss her!!!”

“One of the most extraordinary people I have ever met in my life is Terri Nation. I first met Terri [soon] after I had started academic advising... The feeling I was immediately struck with was how quick she was to make friends with me and how she made me feel welcome and appreciated, even though she did not know me very well. She was dedicated to her students and her colleagues, and Indiana University Bloomington will always be a better place because of her.”

“She was a mother, an active member of her church, a traveler, a returning student and an academic advisor with IU since 1991... Many students were successful due to her interest and assistance.For many of us she was an inspiration. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation...and yet she remained upbeat, energetic and interested in those around her – students and staff alike. Terri was...a truly remarkable lady who touched all of us, as a colleague, mentor, coach...and as a true friend.”