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  “America's Role in the World”
  A Conversation with Ben Rhodes

  Senior Advisor to former President Barack Obama

  Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, 3-4 p.m.
  Solarium, Indiana Memorial Union


$$$ Learn about HHC Grants for Summer, Fall & Full Year. Come to an Informational Meeting about the Hutton Honors College Undergraduate Grant Program. Come to HHC 111 on Tuesday, February 28, 5:30-7:00pm. Deadline for summer grants is 5pm on the Friday before Spring Break. Deadline for fall and full year grants is 5pm on the first Friday after Spring Break.

SUBMIT. LABYRINTH, the HHC Undergraduate Literary Magazine, provides HHC students with the opportunity to gain extracurricular experience in editing and publishing. We accept submissions of poetry, short fiction (2000 word limit), art, and photography through March 5th from any IUB undergraduate. There will be a prize for first place winners in each category. If you have work to submit, are interested in being a part of the editorial staff, or have questions about the publication in general, contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

The HHC presents the 2017 Annual IUB Undergraduate Research Symposium & Poster Fair
Saturday, April 1st, 9:00-5:00. Full Details.
Attention--Abstract deadline extended to February 19th.

Learn more about the new Hutton Financial Emergency Fund.

HHC News

Wells Scholar and HHC student Morgan Mohr named Rhodes Scholar. Details.

IU Ethics Bowl's team advances to Third Consecutive National Championship Competition Full Details.

Learn about the Shirey Art Collection at the HHC.

Campus & Other Announcements

In celebration of the HHC's 50th Anniversary, the extracurricular programming theme for the year is Many Worlds, One Globe. Programs will, indeed, range far and wide!

Coming Soon…

Making Sense of the U.S.-Chinese Relationship
Undergraduate Lunch with Jiayang Fan

Why don't China and the United States understand each other better? What could be the consequences of misunderstanding? Why might some in China be glad that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton—despite candidate Trump's criticisms of China? A staff writer for the New Yorker magazine, Jiayang Fan reports on China, American politics, and culture.
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Environmental Politics, Environmental Justice
Undergraduate Supper with Patten Lecturer
Michael Watts

Michael Watts's research on topics such as the social production of famine, the role of oil in development, and environmental justice has shaped scholarly debates and research programs across disciplines. He has worked for the United National Development Program and the World Bank, organized workshops on corporate responsibility for companies such as Statoil and Genentech, spoken on oil issues to the U.S. Congress, and worked with organizations such as OXFAM and Environmental Rights Action.
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Striving for Peace
Undergraduate Lunch with David Grossman
David Grossman is an internationally acclaimed writer. His books and essays have been translated into 35 languages, three of his novels have been made into films, and he has received numerous prizes in Israel and abroad. He has been an active member and driving force in numerous organizations promoting peace and coexistence between Jews and Arabs, leading the opposition to Israeli government policies as the head of Keshev, a group dedicated to the preservation of Israeli democracy.
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