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Hutton Honors College

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The information below describes the process for seeking resources from the HHC Funding Board, and includes directions for completing the application for funds. Any questions about the application form, the process, or related questions should be e-mailed to the HHC Funding Board directors at

What is HHC FUNDING BOARD Funding?

  • The Hutton Honors College Funding Board is located in the Hutton Honors College at 811 E. 7th Street. The board provides support to Hutton Honors College individuals or HHC student groups by helping them obtain funding to enhance their organization and/or events. Initiatives pursued by any organization or individual must primarily serve Hutton Honors College students in order to receive some or all of requested funds. Any HHC student or student organization will need a faculty or professional staff sponsor for their event. If you are an HHC student organization, the advisor for your group can serve as a sponsor. If you are an HHC student (who is unaffiliated with an HHC student organization) making the request, you will need to ask a faculty member or professional staff member to serve as your sponsor.
  • The HHC Funding Board was created to provide monetary assistance to Hutton Honors College students, HHC student organizations, or IU organizations serving HHC students. These events include (but are not limited to) diversity or philanthropic initiatives, student awareness programs, speakers, and leadership training or educational programs. Grants are rarely awarded for initiatives with a purely social or entertainment purpose, or for initiatives that do not benefit at least 30-50 Honors students.
  • The HHC Funding Board is composed of HHC students and an advisor. The Board meets every other Friday afternoon during the semester from 1:00-2:00pm at the Hutton Honors College building. Applications are due one week prior to the board meeting at which you'd like to present. The Board will hear presentations from HHC organizations or individuals and then vote on the funding allocation. Applicants will be notified as to whether they received the grant within three business days.

Who Can Apply?

  • Any Hutton Honors College student, HHC student organization, or IU organization serving HHC students can apply. Only HHC Students can submit an application. All applications must be signed by a faculty/staff advisor.

How Do I Apply For Funding?

  • Download an application HERE. Application is a Word.doc file. Please open or save, then fill out, and email as an attachment to All applications must be electronically submitted to the HHC Funding Board.
  • The HHC Funding Board will meet at 1:00pm an average of two Friday afternoons a month. After you submit your application, you will be notified to attend a hearing where you will need to present your initiative to the Board. In order to have your application reviewed and a timely decision made, applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the next scheduled HHC Funding Board meeting. (The meeting schedule is appended below.) If you are not available between 1:00-2:00pm on Friday afternoons, you will need to submit your schedule for the week so an alternative meeting can be arranged. A mutually satisfactory time for you to meet the board outside of the regularly scheduled meeting time is not guaranteed.
  • A brief presentation (five minutes) will be required of most HHC students or HHC organizations requesting funding. (Applications requesting less that $200 may not require a presentation). Be sure to come prepared to answer questions and with any updates to your application.
  • The HHC Funding Board will make funding decisions and will notify each applicant by the Tuesday following the Friday Board meeting. Each awardee will receive a line-item approval of the funding granted and funds will be dispersed to the organization's Student Organization Account (SOA) within a week of the Funding Board meeting, if the application is approved. HHC students or student organizations without an SOA account will need to pay for the costs of the activity up front and will be reimbursed. If you have an SOA account, the original receipts are to be submitted to the SOA, and you will submit scanned copies electronically to the HHC Funding Board within five days of the event. If you do not have an SOA account you must present original receipts to the HHC Funding Board within five days of the event.

    Scanned copies of all receipts must be submitted electronically to the HHCFB email account ( within five (5) business days of the initiative. If receipts are not available within that time because of delays with vendors, please notify HHCFB within the five (5) business day period. The only expenses that can be reimbursed from Board-approved events or initiatives are those for which original receipts are presented. To facilitate the review of your receipts, please include a cover page with your scanned receipts that lists your charges by vendor, type of charge, and amount. Each individual or organization that is granted funding from the HHC Funding Board must keep copies of all receipts for their own records.

For More Information

Some Important Guidelines

  1. In most cases, initiatives having an educational or service orientation will be looked on more favorably by the Board than those with a social or entertainment purpose.
  2. No block grants (to cover a full semester's activities, for example) will be approved, and any individual or organization proposing initiatives involving programming that extend beyond one semester will be asked to revisit the committee at appointed times to provide updates on the project before later installments of funding are approved.
  3. A student organization must have at least one (1) member present at the HHC Funding Board meeting to deliver a brief (five minute) presentation. Individual applicants must apply in person.
  4. Funding may only be used for the event/date and line item expenditures that are approved by the Board unless you receive explicit approval from the board to alter your plans (for a rain date, for instance). If there is any confusion as to the appropriate use of the approved funds, please contact the HHC Funding Board.
  5. If funding involves the payment of an entertainer, presenter, operational laborer, or any other person: three forms must be submitted, which can be downloaded from the Student Organization Account website HERE. All three forms must be submitted to the SOA office in Franklin Hall before the service provider can be paid. (You are required to keep photo copies of all your receipts and all three forms.) Your organization cannot pay the service provider without this form on file. If you do pay them and then seek reimbursement from the HHC Funding Board, you will not be reimbursed. However, no individual or group can pay an entertainer, presenter, operational laborer, or any other person from their own pocket. See above for instructions on how to download the three forms relating to payment of and how to turn them in to the SOA office in Poplars.
  6. For those organizations with an SOA account: Funding that is not used, though allocated to the organization, may not be retained by the organization. Any and all allocated funds that are unclaimed (i.e. no original receipts are presented) must be returned to the HHC Funding Board within a week after the event receipts are submitted to SOA and to the HHC Funding Board. (To reimburse the HHC Funding Board, the organization's treasurer must approve a transfer of funds from the organization's account back to the HHC Funding Board's account.)
  7. A one page (double-spaced) reflection on your event must be completed and submitted to,along with your receipts. We would like to know how many people attended the event, how many attendees were Hutton Honors College students, and, in your estimation, whether the event/initiative was successful. We would also like to know how you determined its success (or lack thereof), and how you would design or administer the event/initiative differently were you to do it again.


  • Note: Application is a Word.doc file. Get it HERE. Please open or save, then fill out, and email as an attachment to
  • Download an example application, including a sample budget, HERE.
  • Download these HHCFB application guidelines HERE.
  • All applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the next scheduled HHC Funding Board meeting. Anyone seeking assistance on the application or presentation should email

HHCFB Meeting Dates FALL 2017

FALL 2017 Funding Board Meeting Dates: 9/08, 9/22, 10/13, 10/27, 12/01, 12/10.