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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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Academic Advising in the Hutton Honors College

Honors Academic Advising Syllabus HERE

To Schedule an Advising Appointment please Log-In through One.IU and proceed to the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) task on your interface. For further questions please call (812) 855-3555.

As a member of the Hutton Honors College, you will benefit from access to advisors in your academic discipline(s) and in the Honors College. You will work with departmental and school-based advisors towards completion of a specific program of study including major and general education requirements. Hutton advisors provide holistic advising to undergraduates in all fields of study across campus. We provide individual academic advising for all members of the Hutton Honors College and keep regular office hours throughout the school year.

We will support and guide your progress toward meeting Hutton Honors College and Indiana University requirements. Additionally, we are here to:

  • Inform you about events, programs, activities, and opportunities that will enhance your academic experience
  • Review HHC membership requirements and HHC courses
  • Provide you with information about internships, grants and scholarships
  • Connect you to appropriate campus and community resources
  • Assist you in understanding University policies
  • Celebrate your personal and academic achievements
  • Support you as you work through challenges and obstacles on the road to graduation
  • Encourage you to explore and discover academic and personal interests
  • Discuss your life goals and career interests
  • Introduce you to diverse and multiple perspectives
  • Help you navigate your way through the University environment
  • Discuss majors, minors, and courses

  • ***If you are currently enrolled at IUB and have questions about admission to the HHC not answered on this page, please e-mail or call (812) 855-3555 to set an appointment.