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The mission of the Hutton Honors College is to assist students in developing their talents, abilities and skills to succeed in a complex technological and global society. The mentoring program was developed by honors students to aid in this development through providing friendship and support during the first semester and the transition to college. Administered by two undergraduate interns, the program is designed to provide new students with a student perspective on IU and its rich academic life, its cultural and co-curricular activities, and its opportunities for personal development.

Freshmen: Apply to be Matched with a Mentor. Print out the application and send it as an e-mail attachment to by Monday, July 9th.

Continuing Honors Students: Apply to be a Mentor. Print the application and submit it to Freshman Mentoring Program, Hutton Honors College, 811 E. Seventh Street, Bloomington, IN 47405, or send it as an e-mail attachment to or drop it off with the receptionist.

Mentors are not academic advisors, counselors or close personal friends - although mentor and mentee pairs becoming friends is a possible outcome. Rather they serve new students as immediate contacts on campus who are able to help them adjust to life at IU and give them hints on how to take full advantage of all the resources and opportunities that exist on this large and complex campus - including tips on courses and professors, activities, organizations both on campus and in the community, and studying to succeed.

Problems that freshmen sometimes experience can include:

  • finding friends
  • homesickness
  • techniques of studying to succeed
  • campus involvement
  • career concerns
  • selecting courses
  • interacting with professors
  • tutoring
  • utilizing time efficiently
  • roommate issues
  • health and medical needs

Mentors cannot solve all the problems new students may experience, but they can suggest how to get the proper help and advice from the support and career services all over campus. This program is overseen by the Student Programs Coordinator, whose office is located on the first floor of the Hutton Honors College (811 E. Seventh Street).

Matches are arranged on the basis of mutual interests and intended majors during the Summer Orientation Program in June. By early August all mentors will have the name of the new freshman they have been paired with and are expected to initiate contact and offer support as that student prepares to move to campus. All participants in the mentoring program should attend the Kick-Off Pizza Party at the beginning of the fall semester.

Mentors are expected to make contact with their mentee before he or she arrives on campus and to meet him or her no later than the first week of classes. They should see each other at least three or four times during the semester, especially before and after midterm exams. The Mentoring Program interns will organize a couple of optional events (such as a "scheduling party" prior to Spring semester registration in the fall).

Mentors may want to send birthday or holiday cards, go to movies or lunch, or attend HHC or other campus events with their mentees. Be creative in helping make freshmen feel at home.

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Undergraduate Interns

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