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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Hutton Connections

Hutton Connections is the largest organization of the Hutton Honors College. Honors students from every school and major of IU come together for events, parties, trips, and more throughout the semester. Welcome to the honors community!

Hutton Connections has groups specializing in Theatre, Music, Arts, World Cultures & Languages, Sports & Athletics, Outdoor Recreation, Comedy, Food, Movies, Research & Lectures, and Crafts & Knitting. Each huddle hosts individual events throughout the year in addition to the larger events hosted for the entirety of the program! Hutton Connections is a great way to meet your honors class, upperclassmen, and wipe away the stress of classes, exams, and homework. As the now largest organization in the Hutton Honors College, we are so incredibly excited to get this party started!

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2016-2017 Hutton Connections

Primary Contact

Austin French

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