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Two Members Leave Our Alumni Board, Two Join

Thank you!
Dean Matt Auer (as of July 1) and Jennifer Lloyd, BA'88, JD'93, leave our Board.
Matt has been an exceptional Ex-Officio Board Member and host.
Jennifer has been an exceptional Board Secretary.
We will miss them both.

Ellen de Graffenreid, BA'90 & Eric A. Orme, BA'94, MBA'98 join our Board.

Ellen de Graffenreid is the Senior
Vice President for Communications
at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Read about her here.

Eric Orme is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Wellfount, an institutional pharmacy founded in 2006 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Read about him here.

Our Current Board

  • Doug Dayhoff, BA'92 President

  • Danise C. Alano-Martin, BA '92

  • Anna Bednarski, BS'96, JD'03

  • Kathleen Claussen, BA'06

  • Ellen de Graffenreid, BA'90

  • Kevin Erdman, BS'84

  • Virginia Harper Ho, BA'95, MA'97

  • Gordon A. Hendry, BA'92

  • Justin R. Krachmalnick, BS'11

  • Eric A. Orme, BA'94, MBA'98

  • Julie B. Wolinsky, BA'91

  • Alex Wilson, '14, Student Member

  • Arnell Hammond, Ex-Officio Member
    Director of Diversity and Student Services Senior Academic Advisor Hutton Honors College

  • Rachael Jones McAfee, BS'02
    IUAA Representative
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