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Hutton Honors College

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Creative Activity Grants = Creative Activity

HHC Creative Activity grants help students spend a significant amount of time pursuing activity of an artistic and creative nature. These grants are for students who show significant potential in some creative field. Awards have helped support musicians, composers, dancers, writers, poets, painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, and filmmakers. An applicant must demonstrate a strong sense of his/her intentions and goals and must be highly recommended by two faculty members who know his/her work. Applicants for these awards must submit examples of work to help the grant committee make its decision. These awards are available only to students with junior or senior class standing.

Fifteen students received CA grants for activities pursued during the summer of 2012. Five musicians garnered awards. Harpist Lisa Wallace (El Cerrito, California) performed at the Klang Welten Summer Music festival in Frankfurt, Germany and studied jazz harp in Switzerland. Clarinetist Ben Richmond (Bloomington) studied with world class bass clarinetist and composer Henri Bok at the Rotterdam Conservatoire. Composer Bin Li (Fishers) worked with the Aspen Percussion Ensemble. Jazz guitarist and composer Sam Hoffman (San Anselmo, California) created a composition that integrates a jazz rhythm section with a classical chamber orchestra. "It draws on my diverse classical influences, including my love of jazz, classical, and rock," he says. Hoffman's piece will premiere on campus in early 2013. Learn more about Hoffman and hear him play here.

Five dancers also received grants. Four -- Eryn Blair (Fishers), Kelli Dowling (Lincolnshire, Illinois), Kimberly Fahnestock (Sidney, Ohio), nd Morgan Skiles (Bloomington) -- studied at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Lalah Hazelwood (Indianapolis) studied at the Alvin Ailey Summer Dance Intensive Program in New York City. The grant allowed her "the opportunity to take the next step forward toward [her] professional career of dance performance."

Two students in recording arts spent the summer honing their skills in quite different ways. Aaron Frazer (Owings Mills, Maryland) collected field recordings in the rural areas of Panola County, Mississippi. He wanted "to capture the sound of traditional American roots music (blues, country, and gospel) that still thrives in the deep southern pockets of the United States." Katherine Haldrup (Bloomington) used her award to continue to help develop a music and video website called the Second Kitchen Collective, which has been recording and releasing audio and video of local Bloomington musicians since January, 2012. "I believe that the Second Kitchen Collective is a great opportunity for learning, expansion, and creativity," she says. Listen here.

The last three recipients of CA grants for summer 2012 were Thomas Colcord (Bloomington), Matthew Day (Bloomington), and Alexander Fox (Wayne, New Jersey). Colcord's passion is landscape painting, and he spent much of the summer studying the differences between rural and urban examples of such painting -- and painting. Printmaker Day explored the theme of private experience and public expression in the creation of three related works based on the concept of "foreignness." Fox, who aspires to be a screenwriter, spent two months participating in the Second City Training Workshop in Los Angeles. "The Second City is the Harvard of its field," he says.

In addition to CA grants, the HHC Undergraduate Grant Program provides awards for research, internships, theses, teaching, travel, and overseas experiences. Any IUB undergraduate with an appropriately high GPA is eligible to apply. Read about all our grants here.