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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Hutton Financial Emergency Fund Created

Indiana University offers in excess of $500 million in financial aid, every year. Assistance from IU, the federal government, and other sources make IU affordable for tens of thousands of students, but unexpected financial setbacks can occur for these same aid recipients, creating stress, and in some cases, delaying progress towards degree completion.

Recently, an anonymous donor to the Hutton Honors College (HHC) made a gift to help students handle financial emergencies. Thanks to this gift, Hutton Honors College students are eligible to apply for and receive up to $750 to offset unexpected expenses, including bills for physician visits and medications, child care expenses, and car repairs. This is one way the HHC contributes to the overall effort by the university to keep an IU education affordable. Apart from its own merit scholarships and the new Hutton Financial Emergency Fund, the HHC is also sponsoring a workshop on personal financial management for students, to be taught in spring 2013 by the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs' award-winning Senior Lecturer in public finance, Terri Renner.

The Hutton Honors College seeks additional contributions from alumni and friends of the HHC for the Hutton Financial Emergency Fund. Donations can be made to the payee: "Indiana University - Hutton Honors College" and please mention, "Hutton Financial Emergency Fund 038IU21035" in the subject line of the check. Contributions may be mailed to IU Foundation, Post Office Box 500, Bloomington, IN 47402, or submitted online.

We are grateful to the anonymous donor who recognized the crucial issue of college affordability for Hutton Honors College students, and we welcome alumni support for that same purpose.