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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

HHC Class of 2016 Another Bright and Diverse Group

The make-up of the HHC class of 2016 shows again how the HHC attracts many of the best students from Indiana, neighboring states, other states, and international locales. It's also a group with diverse interests and from diverse backgrounds.

Seven hundred and sixty-eight students joined the HHC last August (392 male, 376 female). Five hundred and five came from Indiana (65.76%), while 263 came from other U.S. and overseas locations (34.24%). Thirty-three students joined us from other countries. One hundred and thirty-nine (18.1%) were minorities: Asian/Pacific Islander (86), Hispanic/Latino (25), African-American (10), American Indian (6), and other or not reported (19). Ninety-two HHC freshmen were first generation college students (11.98%).

The new cadre was also quite smart. Forty-six of our new students were valedictorians. The average SAT score for the group was 1381, while the ACT average was 31. On a 4.0 scale our new students presented an average GPA of 3.97 as well as an average class rank in the 96th percentile. One hundred and eighty-five students received HHC scholarships. Thirty-seven received "full-ride" scholarships (Cox Research, Kelley, and Wells). Many others received IU Excellence scholarships.

International students in the class came from 16 different countries. Canada and China led the way with seven students each. South Korea and India each sent three students, the United Kingdom two. Single students came from Australia, Bulgaria, Columbia, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, and Ukraine.

In addition to the 505 students from Indiana, students from 25 other states joined our ranks. Illinois (128), Ohio (26), Missouri (21), Kentucky (13), and California (12) sent us a combined 200 students. Multiple students from ten states also enrolled: Maryland (8), Tennessee and Texas (both 7), New Jersey (6), Minnesota and Virginia (both 5), North Carolina (4), Florida and Kansas (both 3), and Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (each 2). Eight states each provided a single student: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, and Wisconsin.

Major choices in the new class were also diverse. Students listed 35 different intentions for majors. Most (275) listed business. One hundred and seventy-six students chose biology or chemistry or biochemistry. An additional 149 chose other majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Leading choices included neuroscience (25), psychology (21), English and international studies (both 14), and political science (13). Forty-one students opted to be exploratory. Other schools selected as potential majors included journalism (23), music (21), education (17), informatics (8), and SPEA (12).

"When you consider the credentials of the entering class, it's impossible to be anything less than optimistic about the future for IU, Indiana, and every locale lucky enough to have a future HHC alumnus in its ranks," said HHC Dean Matt Auer. " We couldn't be prouder of the superb training and achievements of the Class of 2016. Our goal is to keep the momentum going for each student over the next four years - and that's just the beginning."