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Hutton Honors College

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Our Loss. . .

"Working with Matt Auer has been an absolute joy. From his visionary leadership of the Hutton Honors College to his outstanding service to the campus in roles like the chair of the Kelley School of Business Dean search, he has approached each task with great integrity and intelligence, sound judgment, and good cheer. He has left an important legacy throughout campus, and I look forward to seeing how his talented leadership impacts Bates College."
Lauren K. Robel
Executive Vice President and Provost
Indiana University Bloomington

"Matt came as Dean into the Hutton Honors College during a time of challenging and multiple transitions: new building, new campus strategies on recruiting the best and brightest students to IU, a new campus leadership. He has done a terrific job over the past 5 years in building on the strengths of the past and moving Honors education forward. We all owe thanks to Matt for deftly and gracefully managing those transitions and making forward progress on providing challenging learning opportunities for IU's best students - and for our professors as well, who cherish the chance to teach small classes of bright students! Personally, I will miss working with Matt, who always was generous, kind and very smart. His highest priorities - to listen, to learn, and to implement - have made the Hutton Honors College a better place and IU a richer campus for smart, creative and engaged students."
Jean C. Robinson
Executive Associate Dean
Professor of Political Science
College of Arts & Sciences

"Matt Auer is a tireless advocate for high-achieving students and builds strong ties between students and alumni. Matt is a consummate connector and we will miss Anne and him very much."
J Thomas Forbes, BA '90, MPA '96
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Indiana University Alumni Association

"I have nothing but the highest respect for Dean Auer. He worked incredibly hard on behalf of HHC, and always brought a great energy and sense of humor to our conversations. The faculty and students at Bates College will be lucky to have him, and we will miss him professionally and personally."
Doug Dayhoff
Hutton Honors College Alumni Board of Directors

"Matt Auer has been an exemplary administrator, and working with him has been both a privilege and a pleasure. I have always found him open to new and creative ideas for courses and supportive of my work with HHC students. He's a smart, balanced, fair-minded, and judicious person-just the kind of person we want to keep at IU. While I wish him well at Bates, his departure is a loss for us in Bloomington, for sure. I hope we'll be able to find a way to lure him back one day!"
Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Professor of English and Jewish Studies
Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies
Director, Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism
Indiana University

"What an amazing guy! Matt Auer has the capacity to get more done in an hour than the rest of us combined can get done in a day, or a week! And he does all with pizzazz and energy to spare. He sets high standards, encourages students to go beyond what they imagine is their very best, works hard to gather the resources that will make their great ideas possible, and guides them to success. It matters immensely to him that honors students be honorable citizens of the university and the larger world. An outstanding speaker himself-he can make complicated topics crisply clear-he asks tough questions so that students can sharpen their thinking and hold their own in conversations with distinguished visitors and faculty as well as their peers. And, he has fun and is glad to see students do the same."
Charlene Brown
Director of Extra Curricular Activities
Hutton Honors College
Associate Director, Wells Scholars Program

"When students are put into situations where they have to sort of think about what is the right thing to do, I think they actually will think of Matt Auer, and think what would Matt do, because he is such a compassionate real person who always tries to do the right thing. That ís the kind of person we wanted to head up Honors, someone who our students could look to as a role model. I know that is what he will bring to Bates. He is the kind of person students will want to be like."
Lynn Cochran
Assistant Dean
Hutton Honors College

"Matt Auer will be missed. When I told my colleagues at the Multicultural Work Group meeting that Matt was leaving, there was a loud chorus of 'oh no's'. Matt has been a tireless, behind-the-scenes champion of diversity efforts across campus. He is forward-thinking and genuinely cares about the well-being of IU students and the staff of the HHC. Personally, I think he is the best boss ever, and just a wonderful human being."
Arnell Hammond
Director of Diversity and Student Services
Senior Academic Advisor
Hutton Honors College

"Ever since Matt came on board as Hutton Honors College dean in August 2008, he demonstrated an exceptionally strong commitment and dedication to the mission of the HHC, part of which is to reach out to high-ability students and ensure they have an intellectually-rewarding and challenging experience during their time at IUB and as members of the HHC. Examples of his dedication included meeting regularly with his student board of advisors, attending myriad HHC-sponsored events every month, holding numerous individual meetings with students in his office, and going the extra mile (or more) to seek out promising candidates for prestigious national and international scholarships. (As an aside, whenever he got the good news about a student winning one of these scholarships, he celebrated with a round of fist bumps.)
Speaking as an HHC staff member, I found him to possess a complementary combination of professionalism, "approachability," self-deprecation, and good humor. Even on those days when I didn't see any empty space on his day planner (and even saw things written over other things), I knew he was always willing to stop what he was doing and answer a question or provide helpful feedback on an issue I was grappling with. Technically, although I worked for him, I definitely had a sense that I was working with him, and I appreciated the atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation that he fostered."
Becky Steele
Director of Administration
Hutton Honors College

"Such words as approachable and grateful are words used about Dean Auer in messages received from students and parents. His energy and dedication to the Hutton Honors College have given us a reputation as the 'caring college'. It's a nice distinction and the message is clear: Matt is, as Cole Porter says, 'the tops' and we will miss him."
Elaine Hehner
Administrative Assistant
Hutton Honors College

"In 2008 I took a class with Dean Auer that culminated in a trip to South Korea. It was simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking experiences I had as a student. Professor Auer offers his students great knowledge, energy, innovative thinking, and a love for the process of learning that transcends disciplines. If universities are supposed to teach students to think and help them to figure out what they're passionate about, then more professors should be like him."
Eliah McCalla, '08, BA International Studies,

"Matt Auer was the face of the Hutton Honors College in many different ways, mainly through his presence and charisma. Upon first meeting him my freshman year, I was deeply impressed by how approachable and engaging he was and how easily he seem to connect with students. Yet getting to know Dean Auer was about more than just faculty friendship-he challenged and inspired every student to be truly proud of the Hutton Honors College and to be ambassadors for the entire IU community. While he will be deeply missed, his work to improve the HHC alumni network and the reputation of Hutton will have a lasting impact at IU."
Alexander Wilson, '14, History, LAMP, Finance
Cox Research Scholar
Student Member, HHC Alumni Board

"It is undeniable that Dean Auer has helped make the Hutton Honors College what it is today. His vision, and its implementation, have allowed the College to flourish during his tenure. My experience and the experience of many other students, with the Hutton Honors College would not have been the same without Dean Auer's involvement. Though he will be greatly missed, I know all of us involved with the HHC are excited for Dean Auer and his new position with Bates College. Moreover, we are proud and thankful for the contributions he made while at HHC."
Valerie Dye, '13, BS Accounting, Finance
HHC Student Advisory Board

During the fall semester of my junior year, while on a study abroad, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer. My parents got me home and I started chemo a week later. Because there is no existing service for cancer patient students trying to figure things out, my mother started calling the various colleges I was a part of. Fortunately, Hutton was the 2nd call and Dean Auer took care of everything. My scholarships were put on hold, he helped us figure out how to do a temporary transfer to IUPUI while I went through chemo. When I got the all clear to return to IU, my mom started calling about how to get me back to Bloomington. We were shuttled from one office to another when we received an email from Dean Auer casually offering help if there were any problems. He got me and my scholarships reactivated. Dean Auer and I had never met, but his words to my mom were, 'she's one of mine.' His actions in the irregular situation exemplify his dedication to Hutton and its students."
Kelsey Van Wyk, '13
BA English
HHC Student Advisory Board

Anyone who knows Dean Auer knows the remarkable energy he brings to his work. During my time at IU, his tireless presence on campus became a familiar hallmark of the undergraduate experience, synonymous, in my mind, with the growth and transformation of the Hutton Honors College itself. His unflagging commitment to Hutton's mission was visible everywhere, whether in class, on a committee, or at one of the scores of special events the Honors College hosted each term. Building the Honors College into the hub of cultural and intellectual life it has become required no less-not to mention the humor, grace, wisdom, or formidable intellect Dean Auer brought to the job.
At the same time, Dean Auer seemed to draw as much exuberance from his work as he put in. He energized the place, but the place energized him. Despite his significant responsibilities across the university, one noticed, he still enjoyed being there as much as we did. He still enjoyed the buzz of university life-the ideas, the debates, the exploration. Students recognized this. It's why so many have sought his guidance when launching a new organization, pursuing an internship, competing for a scholarship, or just setting out into the world. That he counsels these students is a testament not only to his bandwidth, but also to his generosity and devotion to student achievement.
In this respect, and many more, Dean Auer has carried forward a tradition of service left by another great campus leader, Herman B Wells, whose tenure was also defined both by impressive institutional development and meaningful engagement with the student body. Like Wells, Dean Auer leaves IU Bloomington a better place than he found it, just as he leaves hundreds, if not thousands of students more intellectually enriched and equipped to make a difference in the world.
Christian Hines '11, BA History, Democratic Theory & Contemporary American Citizenship (IMP)
Former IU Presidential Intern

Their Gain. . .

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